It's Time to Design the Life You Deserve

If you’re like most people, your life has undergone an amazing amount of disruption. You may be actively rethinking and redesigning your new normal. You may also be accepting that your life can be much better and that you deserve much more.

What you may not be sure of is how to see your way forward and how to make it happen. That’s where I come in…

It has been suggested that people are motivated to change by inspiration or by desperation. While inspiration pulls us forward, desperation makes us run from difficulty. Believe it or not, many people develop an emotional addiction to their difficulties. When this happens, we can have a tendency to get entrenched in the patterns that enable us to confirm our excuses and sabotage our success. Too many people have become content with our own limitations. Don’t fall into this behavior.

Instead, I want to encourage you to continue stretching beyond the borders and barriers of what seems possible. And here is a little-known secret, with enough inspiration; you can easily tap into your deeper capacity to succeed so what's stopping you?

You do not have to settle for an unfulfilling life but doing the same thing and expecting a different result will only lead to more frustration, disappointment, and disconnect from the things that give your life meaning.

What if you could design your way out of difficulty and disappointment? What if you could give yourself new patterns of behavior that helps you achieve greater success? What if you could literally design the life you deserve?

While the possibility that we can design our life might be common knowledge, the ability and know how to actually do it is not commonly understood. You see success does not come from knowledge alone. Rather, as my teacher Johnnie Colemon taught me, success comes from knowing how to work it and then working it.

As a fundamental rule, we are constantly designing our life with the decisions we make. As the architect, you are responsible for directing your way into your highest design. You have what it takes to design your life and you can begin to design your…

… your purpose…

… your boundaries…

… your faith…

… your relationships…

… your career…

… your finances…

… your fun…

… your abundance…

… even your level of service.

Course Features

In my On-Line Course you’ll discover:

  • How to maximize the power in your purpose
  • How to benefit from self-care
  • How to use faith to push past your quit point and get time on your side
  • How to design your life success plan
  • How to shift the environment of your relationships
  • How to catalyze your life and business for prosperity
  • How to ensure your mindset, belief-set, and actions get results
  • And much more…

Learn how to stop settling and become motivated, resilient, equipped, and ready to move from potential and possibility by taking major action toward our designs.

Your prize for making the effort and choosing a new design is to change your life for the better…better joy, better relationships, better finances, better fulfillment of your purpose, better health, better leisure, better peace of mind, better contribution to humanity. It is all up to you.

About Me

I’m honored to support you because I understand the joy that comes from doing the difficult work of radically transforming your life.

I’m just a kid from the South side of Chicago. And while my mother, who is one of my heroes, did all she could, my sisters and I were still brought up in poverty.

Being brought up in poverty taught me what I didn’t enjoy and that I didn’t want to remain poor. I remember deciding that whatever was the quickest way out was the best way out and it seemed like before I could say shortcut, I was living a life of crime and being raised by the streets.

I can also remember deciding that I was made for more than a life of crime and so I began to study spirituality, the power of thought, and the habits of success. The shift in what I fed my mind made all the difference in who I have become.

Designing the Life You Deserve was created with you in mind. I have spent years researching, writing, coaching, teaching, and applying spiritual principles, as well as principles of success. If I can use these principles to transform myself from a life of poverty, crime, and hopelessness, you can use this program to change your life and design your new reality, just as hundreds of people I have worked with have. While this course may not be for everyone, it may be just right for you.

That is why I asked myself, “How can I best serve more people during this crazy time? How can I help them achieve their goals and design the life they deserve? The answer hit me like a ton of bricks: “Develop a course that gives the a road map to success, Derrick!”

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Module 1

    • Introduction

  • 02

    Module 2

    • Principal Purpose Introduction

    • Put Yourself on the Road to Success

    • Why Finding Your Purpose is Important

    • Achieve Success By Living From Your Principal Purpose

    • Module 2 Review

  • 03

    Module 3

    • Self-Care Introduction

    • What is Self-Care?

    • Challenge Your Negative Stories

    • Establishing Healthy Boundaries

    • How to Get Time On Your Side

    • Module 3 Recap

  • 04

    Module 4

    • Faith Introduction

    • Faith and Self-Confidence

    • Faith and Altitude

    • Faith and Gratitude

    • Faith and Action

    • Module 4 Recap

  • 05

    Module 5

    • How to Empower Your Relationships Introduction

    • People Need People

    • Who Are You Becoming Because of the Relationship?

    • The Adder

    • The Subtractor

    • The Divider

    • The Multiplier

    • Module 5 Recap

  • 06

    Module 6

    • Practical Prosperity from A to Z

    • Practical Prosperity A-C

    • Practical Prosperity D-F

    • Practical Prosperity G-I

    • Practical Prosperity J-L

    • Practical Prosperity M-O

    • Practical Prosperity P-R

    • Practical Prosperity S-U

    • Practical Prosperity V-X

    • Practical Prosperity Y-Z

  • 07

    Module 7

    • Conclusion


  • Bonus #1

    Designing The Life Your Deserve Exercise Tools…to capture your insights, inspirations, commitments, and to design you actions for completion and your life for transformation.

  • Bonus #2

    A downloadable E-Book of 6 Keys to Designing the Life You Deserve

  • Bonus #3

    Become a part of the LHN tribe and join the other amazing Game Changers, Unicorns, and Achievers

  • Bonus #4

    A COMPLIMENTARY 30 Minute Coaching Session with one of our LHN Coaches

Begin Your Design

Most people do not improve, even when they know they should. That is why I’m excited about this new opportunity to support you in becoming the next, best version of your amazing self. If you are considering this, it’s because have made a conscious decision to be active in your own rescue and highly intentional about pursuing success. All you have to do next is enroll and get started.

Click here to begin your design

Success doesn’t just come to us. We have to go to it! While I may not know you personally, here is what I know about you…you are destined and designed for greatness. You can do more, be more, have more, and give more, all because you posses the amazing potential to become more. But as you may know, in order to become more, you have to grow.

No one else can live your life for you. No matter how well intentioned they are, no one can do your push-ups and sit-ups for you. No one else can design and execute your success habits for you! Finally, just remember that even a good start can be wasted if we cannot generate and sustain the motivation to keep going.

Among the biggest shifts that I had to make was adjusting my thoughts about being able to design my life and learning how to do it.

I want to give you the resources to make that change in your own mindset as well.

It is time to stop tolerating what does not work for you. Click here to begin Designing the Life You Deserve.

Pricing options


You can expect to receive very valuable but also very practical principles, processes, techniques, and steps, that when put into action, when enable you to move your life to another level. How can you get the most from this course? Listen to the lessons in the sequence in which they are presented first. Complete the exercises. Revisit the lesson where needed. Commit to being a force in your own life. Perhaps most importantly, take the appropriate actions. Be persistent but patient with yourself. Finally, press play, every day.


You can continue the design work of creating the life you deserve and the good news is you do not have to do it alone. I am committed to walking with you and I have created an e-course that will enable me to do just that. I can join you as you take the necessary steps to get clear about how to be propelled by your principal purpose, commit to self-care, apply your faith, listen to and trust your internal GPS, improve your relationships, open yourself to greater success and prosperity, and live out of your own unique form of greatness.

It is time to champion YOU!

P.S. Sign up today and get instant access to a bonus package of success tools, including: a goal setting guide, a free three day, “Release – Replace – Reset” program, and guided meditations for peace, success, and focus.